Weekly news round up – 14 Oct

This is the first of our weekly news round-ups. We will keep our eyes peeled for news that we can put together in a weekly blog post for you. Read on to see some of the stories that have been in the media this week:

Health and Wellbeing

  • Dementia patients could have their lives transformed by garden therapy – BBC News
  • How inherited Alzheimer’s sufferers in remote Columbia could hold the key to a cure – Channel 4 News
  • NHS spends £22m a year on wasted food – The Sun 
  • Why are some hospitals failing older people? – Guardian 
  • Regulator calls for better care of the elderly – NHS Choices

Social Issues

  • A million people suffering isolation and loneliness – Mature Times
  • Esther Rantzen: Lonely Britain – Daily Mail
  • High energy bills cause people to delay heating homes – BBC News


  • Pension income could fall due to quantitative easing – MoneySavingExpert
  • 13.5 year gap between desire, expected and actual retirement age – The Mirror
  • Record fall of over 65s in employment shows it’s not just the young affected by unemployment – Telegraph
  • Funeral costs are on the increase – Scotsman
  • Ed Miliband appoints Shadow Minister for Older People – Grey Pride 
  • State Pension Age rise delayed for women as government announces Pensions Bills 2011 amendments – Age Scotland
Something for the weekend 
As the weekend approaches we felt it only fair to share some of the fabulous, funny and downright odd news we’ve seen whizzing around the internet this week.
If you see any relevant items for us to include in our round-ups, please do get in touch.

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