Weekly round-up – 21 Oct

Friday’s here, so read on for our weekly round-up of some the news and stories in the media affecting older people in Scotland and further afield this week.


  • State pension age of 67; sooner than you thought – Daily Mail 
  • Politicians blast £100 fuel increases but slice £100 off winter fuel payments for the elderly –Telegraph
  • One in three to opt out of Goverment-backed pension scheme – Telegraph
  • Energy firms’ profit margins soar – BBC News
  • Energy firms’ tariff advice slammed – MoneySavingExpert
  • CPI inflation rises to 5.2% in September from 4.5% the month before largely due to an increase in energy costs – BBC News


  • A craft cafe in Castlemilk, Glasgow is central to reducing isolation in older people – Guardian 
  • One in ten older people often feel lonely. What can be done? – Independent Blog
  • Elderly: the age old story – Independent
  • Actress Sharon Gless tackles sex and the older woman – BBC News
  • Bogus workmen con elderly man out of £1000 – STV News
  • Older people asked to move out their family homes – BBC News


  • DNA sequence mapped of woman who lived to 115 – BBC News
  • Elderly patients condemned to death by secret use of “Do Not Resuscitate” orders – Sunday Telegraph 
  • Scientists say that age brings wisdom – Telegraph
Something for the weekend
  • 100 year old marathon runner sets a new record – BBC News
  • Elderly achievers, including a 102 year old schoolgirl! – i from the Independent
  • Sister Madonna: the “Iron Nun” aged 81 – ImpowerAge

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