Weekly news round up – 18 Nov 2011

It’s the end of another working week, and we’ve got the news that’s been doing the rounds in the media. Read on for shocking figures on pensioners’ cost of living, a campaign to donate fuel allowances to the needy and the new Countdown host…


  • War hero pledges winter fuel allowance to needy – Independent
  • Inflation costs pensioner an extra £1000 a year – Age Scotland


  • How to beat Alzheimer’s – Express
  • Parkinson’s stem cell research shows promise – NHS Choices
  • Age discrimination in the NHS leaves elderly patients neglected – Telegraph
  • Too much TV can depress older women – Telegraph
  • Elderly should waltz three times a week to prevent falls – Telegraph

Work and life

  • London’s 91 year old wood turner – Spitalfields Life
  • Britain’s oldest shop worker retires, aged 96 – Daily Mail
  • Meet Carmen Dell’Orefice, the 80-year-old supermodel – Telegraph
  • Pensioner leaves UK to be with family in New Zealand… aged 102 – Mirror


  • 89 year old baroness gives two finger salute to fellow peer – Guardian

Something for the weekend

  • Apprentice star, Nick Hewer (67) is new Countdown host – Telegraph
  • The ten best home-made remedies – Telegraph
  • Top ten travel apps for baby boomers – AARP

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