Weekly news round up – 25 Nov 2011

Read on for our weekly news round up, featuring pensions, housing conditions and a very sad story about a pensioner conned out of £20,000. You can read our scams advice here.



  • Dundee Phd student develops a program allowing dementia patients to communicate with their carers – BBC News
  • Dignity, care and the plight of the elderly – Guardian
  • Alzheimer’s makes people “forget to eat” – Telegraph

Social and care

  • Home care failures in England – NHS Choices
  • A manifesto for old age – Guardian
  • How I coped with my wife’s early onset dementia – Guardian
  • Lack of respect for the old is the real problem – Independent
  • Scottish housing conditions summary report – Scottish Government
  • 100 new care home jobs for Fife – BBC News


  • Scottish pensioner conned out of £20,000 – BBC News

Something for the weekend

  • Alzheimer’s fiction the first novel to win the Wellcome Trust medical writing prize – Guardian
  • No new Big Freeze, says Met Office – Telegraph


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