St Michael’s School in Dumfries is all wrapped up

St Michaels Appeal Wall

We’d like to say a great big thank you to the 29 primary 5 pupils at St Michael’s School in Dumfries and their teacher Ciara Crilly. They have donated an amazing 113 coats for Age Scotland!  Well done to all of the students – what a fantastic achievement.

The Donate A Coat Appeal is in partnership with our sister charity Age UK. The funds raised from the donations of coats go towards providing older people with the advice and information they need to help stay warm over winter.

The pupils, aged 8 and 9 years, rounded up over a hundred coats and on Friday 16 December took them on a walk (singing all the way) to the Age Scotland charity shop in Dumfries, to be donated to help raise funds for older people in Scotland. Some of the pupils even donated coat hangers in case the shop didn’t have enough!

Morag Halliday, the Age Scotland development officer for the area, visited the pupils at their school to say thank you personally and explain how their hard work would benefit older people in their community.

She also gave them a Hot Tips calendar and talked about the importance of looking out for older people in the winter months. The children plan to give the calendars to older neighbours and family so they have advice and information on how best to deal with colder temperatures.

Morag said: “I’m overwhelmed at the efforts of the 29 primary 5 students, and really enjoyed my afternoon with them and their teacher, who has gone the extra mile to assist her pupils to fulfil their wishes to donate to this cause.”

Coats galore

Coats galore!

Some of the pupils gave us Donate A Coat quotes:

Nadine McDonald: “It was great fun walking to the Age Scotland shop.”

Ryan McMichael: “Some people helped to load the cars with the jackets we collected.”

Brandon Roberts: “Primary 5 have helped people who cannot afford brand new coats this winter to stay warm.”

Matthew Glover and Kaitlin Ritchie: “Primary 5 made persuasive posters to help raise awareness of the Donate a Coat Appeal.”

Caitlin Clark: “We carried one coat each to the shop on Friday 16th December and donated the coats to the charity.”

Roshan Mahmood: “Some of us stood up at assembly and gave an update to the school about the Donate a Coat Appeal.  We also counted how many people in the school had helped with the appeal.”

Erin Dear: “We helped organise and hang up all the coats that we collected and then hung them on the wall bars for everyone in our school to see.”

Lukas Andreasen: “Eventually we raised 113 coats, you should have seen our class library, it was full!”

A classroom full of little stars!

A classroom full of little stars!

And of course, we couldn’t leave out this wonderful poem that one of the pupils wrote for the Donate A Coat appeal:

Age UK Hand Clap by Karene Laurie

AgeUK, AgeUK,

We went to Age UK today,

We donated one coat each,

Now we’ll tell you a special treat,

We donated 113 coats,

And hung them in the gym hall, lots and lots!

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