What’s it like to work past retirement age?

The Government has been discussing many changes to state pensions, a topic that the media (and the charity) have been covering extensively. Although there are problematic elements to the current system, there has recently been a positive change to the law that means employers can no longer ‘force’ older workers into retirement once they hit state pension age.

Prior to this change in the law, some older workers were given no option to work past their default retirement age, even if they wanted to. With this discriminatory practice now illegal, older people can work well into their retirement years should they choose to.

Age Scotland was fully supportive of the scrapping of default retirement age, and the charity hopes that it will be a leap forward in helping to end age discrimination in employment, which is still rife even five years after regulations made it illegal.

Douglas Macnaughtan, One of the development officers at Age Scotland, has decided to work past his state pension age and chats through his decision in this short video.

Now that the default retirement age is no longer a barrier to workers, it is extremely gratifying to know that more older people can choose to work past state pension age if they want to, just like Douglas!

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