Weekly news round up – 06 Jan 2012

We are only a week into 2012, but there has already been a lot of media coverage on topics affecting older people. Read on for proposed shake-ups of health and social care in England, the re-kindled debate on assisted dying and the world’s oldest married couple.


  • EU pension plan will cost Britain £1 trillion – Daily Express
  • Government reveals ‘alarming’ pensions shortfall – Telegraph


  • Scientists discover age-related deafness gene – Daily Mail
  • Early test for dementia – Daily Express
  • Campaign encourages simple CPR to save lives – STV News
  • Scottish pensioners sent home from hospital too soon – Daily Express


  • Dramatic demographic changes raise questions of how Scotland will care for its elderly – The Courier
  • Self-Directed Support given £700K boost – Age Scotland
  • Open letter to political parties asking to address England’s failing social care system – Guardian
  • Nurse repeatedly slapped elderly patient at care home – STV News
  • Assisted suicide moves up on the political agenda – Age Scotland


  • Clean up goes on after Scottish storm – BBC News

Something for the weekend

  • Meet the world’s oldest tri-athlete, aged 90 – Daily Mail
  • World scotch pie champion crowned – BBC News
  • Double joy for sisters aged 102 – Daily Express
  • The world’s oldest couple celebrate their 75th anniversary – Daily Mail

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