Weekly news round up – 13 Jan 2012

It’s been a busy week for news. The health and social care crisis has been getting more coverage in England, and in Scotland there has been discussion on why it is important to invest in services for older people. Read on for a round up of the week’s stories:


  • EDF Energy to cut gas price by 5% – BBC News
  • Pensions income plunges 16% in just 5 years – Express


  • Put that op on hold if the surgeon is young or old – Age Scotland
  • Are you growing old before your time? – Daily Mail
  • Do our brains really decline from 45? – NHS Choices
  • Dentistry is failing older patients – Age UK
  • Drop in infection rates in Scotland – STV News
  • £5 million state-of-the-art cardiology hospital facility opens – STV News


  • Man jailed over OAP robbery bid – BBC Scotland
  • Death of man in sheltered housing complex “unexplained” – STV News
  • Aberdeen pensioner falsely claimed £15,000 benefits to send to Thai bride – STV Local
  • Death of 87 year old woman in own home being treated as suspicious – STV News


  • Why we must invest in older people’s services in Scotland – Scotsman
  • Dumfries and Galloway elders’ group to close – BBC Scotland
  • Plans under way for Spain’s first gay retirement home – Guardian
  • Warning on elderly amidst budget cuts – Press Association

Something for the weekend

  • Couple married for 86 years – BBC News
  • Couple celebrates 80th wedding anniversary as they both turn 100 – Daily Mail

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