Weekly news round up – 20 Jan 2012

The weekend is almost here, so if you want to see what’s been going on in the media over a cuppa and catch up on the news, read on. This week, the debate has been re-ignited on older people downsizing their homes, and there’s been a focus on brain health and memory.


  • Can memory improve with age? – Guardian
  • Lifestyle a key factor in staying sharp in old age – Age Scotland
  • Nurse left elderly woman’s broken hip unreported for days – STV News


  • Sex and the over 60s – Guardian
  • Young and older people experience age discrimination at work – Guardian
  • Local pensioner barred from bowling club because of a mobility scooter – Daily Record
  • How humans are being replaced by machines – Daily Mail
  • Councils should help elderly to downsize, minister says – BBC News


  • Heartache of pensioner jailed for strangling dementia-suffering wife when strain of caring for her became too much – Daily Mail
  • Older woman in Aberdeenshire fined for “pikey” insult on Facebook – BBC News
  • Despicable attack on 82 yr old woman – BBC Scotland


Something for the weekend

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