Independence referendum consultation paper released

Age Scotland Parliamentary Reception 2011

Age Scotland Parliamentary Reception 2011

Last week we discussed the importance of including civic society in the debate around Scottish independence and the referendum.

There was plenty discussion on our Facebook wall around the idea that older people should have their views consulted (as well as a spectrum of people from different ages and backgrounds) in the debate around independence and how a referendum could potentially be run.

The Scottish Government has now released its consultation paper on the subject. The consultation seeks views on a number of issues, including what the ballot paper should say, what spending limits should be set on campaign groups and how the referendum should be managed and regulated.  It also sets out the timetable for parliamentary and public debate.

If you wish to add your voice to the independence debate, now is the ideal time to do so.

We would encourage people to submit their responses to the consultation paper, so that the Scottish Government can receive a representative number of views from people across Scotland.

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