Weekly news round up – 27 Jan 2012

It’s been an electric week for news, with a spectacular performance of the Northern Lights across Scotland, politics sparking debate around the independence referendum and electricity and gas prices pushing more and more older people into financial difficulties. Read on for this week’s stories:



  • Older single women ‘dismissing cervical cancer’ risk – Telegraph
  • Death rate in Britain lowest as most people live into their 80s – Telegraph
  • How yoga can help fight ageing aches – Telegraph


  • Paying for basics a struggle says new report – Age Scotland
  • Pensions boost for millions – Express
  • Travel insurance premiums double for the over 65s – Daily Mail
  • Scottish rural residents save more than city dwellers – Age Scotland


  • Holocaust survivor to teach Scottish children about genocide – Deadline 
  • Woman, 99, treated after fire at sheltered housing complex – Scotsman
  • Elderly couple forced to go to court over holiday ban – Telegraph

Something for the weekend

  • Age Scotland’s 13th shop opens in Falkirk – Age Scotland
  • Bouquet a week has kept our love alive for 70 years – Express
  • In pictures: the Northern Lights over Scotland – BBC Scotland

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