Weekly news round up – 03 Feb 2012

Another week has passed us by and we’re already into February! Where does the time go? Read on for some of the stories in the media over the past seven days:


  • Age Scotland launched 2012 local election manifesto – Age Scotland
  • Cameron urges RBS ‘bonus restraint’ – BBC Scotland 


  • Future of care homes in town is uncertain – Fife Today
  • Dame Judi Dench hits out at ‘inhumane’ care homes for the elderly – Telegraph
  • Think twice before following Dame Judi’s advice – Edinburgh Evening News



  • End of an era for Fife support group – Age Scotland
  • Television ‘misrepresents’ young people and older women – Guardian
  • How to help the aged – Telegraph


  • Dumfries and Galloway advice service brought in £12m – BBC Scotland

Something for the weekend

  • Dedicated couple in Scotland still cycling at combined age of 159 – Daily Record
  • Nintendo playing centenarian from East Renfrewshire claims video games are secret to youth – Telegraph

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