How to get more out of retirement

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Retirement is a major life transition for lots of people.  Giving up work and re-focusing your aims and aspirations is not quite as straight forward as many people imagine. Not enough to do and no reason to go out can leave people with no sense of purpose and frequently isolated from friends, family and old colleagues.

A group of students are now investigating how people successfully adjust to retirement as part of a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at the Centre of Therapy.

Last year the students distributed and collated a questionnaire aimed at finding out what makes for a successful adjustment to retirement. It seems that people who have planned for and investigated retirement and how it will affect specific areas of their life will ultimately adjust to and enjoy this phase of their life much more than those people who move in to retirement with little thought or planning.

The students have now developed a three hour Cognitive Behavioural Seminar to support people who are either already retired or planning to retire in the near future. This seminar uses assessments, visualisations and planning tools to help you think through what you want from your retirement, and supports you to put plans in place to ensure you are able to meet all your goals.

The students are holding this session on Saturday 18th February in the Centre for Counselling and Therapy, Ashfield House, 402 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow,  G2 3JD. The Session will start at 10am and finish with lunch at 1pm. See this location on Google Maps.

Would you like to attend or want more information? Contact Linda Anderson on: 01355 521463 or on her mobile: 07763226466. You can also email:

3 thoughts on “How to get more out of retirement

  1. Clearly, planning for retirement helps. “But it isn’t automatic.” That is, not everyone who plans for retirement finds his or her retirement to be what they had hoped for. Many newly retired persons find that they need to “flounder around” for a while… trying a bit of this and a bit of that … before they discover their “true retired self.” Bill

    • Hi Bill, thanks for commenting on our blog post. Yes, retirement is a very individual thing and the seminar in Glasgow aims to address individuals’ needs.

      You make a good point – some people need to try out different things and try different directions before finding their way.

      Love your website, by the way! What a great read.

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