Weekly news round up – 10 Feb 2012

Another week of news, stories and comment have passed us by and we’ve collected some of the most relevant and interesting pieces for you to look through. Read on for the winner of this year’s “Oldie” award, an apology from the BBC over their lack of older women in TV and the importance of writing a will:


  • Can sugar really be toxic? Sadly, yes – Telegraph
  • Men who smoke more likely to suffer dementia in later life – Daily Mail


  • Shocking care standards at Southern Cross’s Scottish old folks home exposed – Daily Record


  • BBC boss: I got it wrong with older women – Daily Mail
  • Last veteran of first world war dies, aged 110: Mirror


  • 63% of Britons do not have a will – Age UK
  • Gas prices hit six year high – Express
  • Fewer deaths ‘may hit pensions’ – BBC News


  • ‘Cross-dressing rogue’ dressed up as elderly woman to steal £11,000 – STV News
  • Auxiliary nurse criticised over pensioner’s death – BBC Scotland 

Something for the weekend

  • Silver surfers face up to social networking – News Letter
  • Ken Clarke and Baroness Trumpington get Oldie awards – BBC News
  • Scottish twins the oldest in the world at 102: Scotsman

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