Weekly news round up – 02 March 2012

Population statistics, benefits statistics and leap year birthday statistics are the order of the week. Read on for this week’s news round up:


  • Beware of financial products tailored for older age groups – Scotsman
  • Pensioners missing out on £2.8 billion of pension credits – Telegraph

Health and social

  • Scotland’s older population set to grow by 82% – BBC Scotland
  • Why population growth is set to move – Scotsman
  • Self-directed support bill published – Scottish Government
  • Sleep quality improves with age – BBC Health
  • Who are you calling ‘old dear’? Why language about older people matters – Guardian

Something for the weekend

  • Meet Britain’s oldest leap year baby – Daily Mail
  • Older people should be the fabric of our lives – Telegraph
  • Scottish leap year gran celebrates 18th birthday – BBC Scotland

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