Scotland’s nationwide creative ageing festival

Byre Rhythm Taiko Drumming

Byre Rhythm Taiko Drummers perform at the Creative Ageing day at Perth Concert Hall, March 2011. Image © Colin Hattersley

Age Scotland, Creative Scotland and the Baring Foundation will launch a national festival celebrating the creative arts and ageing this autumn .

We’re very excited about this nationwide project which we hope will inspire many more people to enjoy a creative life.

As this festival is brand-new, we’re looking for an inspirational name for it and wondered if our readers and supporters have any suggestions? It’d be great to hear ideas – after all, it’s a festival about you, your creative life and enjoying the opportunities to be more creative as a natural part of ageing.

If you like the idea of a Scottish festival celebrating creativity and ageing, please share your thoughts. We’re always interested in hearing feedback from our supporters – why not add a comment to this post?

If you’d prefer to email us with suggestions, get in touch on

18 thoughts on “Scotland’s nationwide creative ageing festival

    • Hi Caroline, good suggestion! Nice and active, which is just what we’re trying to get across as part of the festival 🙂 We’ll take everyone’s suggestions into consideration and hopefully have a name sorted soon!

      • PLEASE make sure that the title you pick will appeal to the very people you hope to involve. I’m pushing 60, and the words ‘ageing’, ‘senior’, ‘grey’, ‘elders’, and (horror of horrors) ‘golden years’ all make me shudder. – and while on my soap-box, the word ‘creative’ isn’t very creative either…

      • Hi Caroline, many thanks for your honest feedback. We’re looking for something inspiring but we really wanted to ask people for their thoughts, as it is their festival – just like what you said in your comment.

        I will take everyone’s ideas, feedback and suggestions to the team coordinating the fest to give them an idea of what people are thinking. “Grey” is absolutely not the way we want to go on this, so whatever gets decided will hopefully appeal to you and many others!

    • Hi Lucy, love your ideas. The Age of Creativity is a great suggestion, especially with the double meaning. We’ll take everyone’s input to the festival organisers and hopefully get a name confirmed in the next few weeks.

      • Thanks!
        Alternatively, here’s a few more:

        The Creative Age Festival
        Ageing Creatively
        Creative Seniors

      • Thanks very much Lucy, you’re full of ideas! We are really looking forward to the festival, a name is a good place to start but we hope you’ll like the programme once it’s confirmed too…

    • Hi Mark! Thanks for your suggestion – golden years is a good idea for a name. Our festival organisers will get a name chosen soon and we will update the blog once a title is confirmed.

    • Hi Jess, many thanks for your suggestion, that’s greatly appreciated! We’ve had quite a few (as the comments show) and will take everyone’s ideas to the festival organisers.

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