Social media use by over 50s

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Lots of attention has been given to the topic of social media and how young people are using it, however very little is known about how adults over 50 are utilising these new tools. One university student is inviting the community at Age Scotland to help change that.

Andrea Smart, a post-graduate student at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), has recently launched a UK-wide study on this issue and is looking for Twitter users age 50 and over to participate in a short survey.

Originally from California, Andrea has a long-standing interest in how older adults use social media and noticed how little attention the issue was getting in the media from researchers. “I know people over 50 are using tools such as Twitter and Facebook but there’s not much academic research about it,” she says. “Most studies focus on younger people, but I think social media is very empowering for people of all ages and more attention should be paid to how older adults use it.”

Andrea’s research is being conducted for her dissertation to complete a M.Sc. in International Applied Communications. For additional information about the study, please visit or contact Andrea directly at

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