Find out more about the social side of the web

Woman with computer mouseWe are supporting Myfriends Online Week, a national digital inclusion campaign which aims to reduce social isolation and loneliness by supporting and encouraging people in later life to make new friends and stay in touch with old friends and family through the internet.

For the next week, events will be taking place across Scotland to provide hands on experience for older people to discover the social side of the web.

Over the next five days the Age Scotland blog will focus on some of the tools available online that can help people keep in touch with friends and family around the world, as well as discussing the benefits of the social side of the internet. We’d love to hear your comments and stories on how you use the web too.

In Scotland alone, around 4% of older people never see any family or friends – that’s the equivalent of the population of Inverness. Staying in touch with family and friends through the internet is a great incentive for older people to get online and social contact, even by using online tools, can really improve the quality of life for those who feel isolated and lonely.

Two friends

Keeping in touch with people in real life can be made easier by using the internet.

Of course, we understand that the social side of the internet is not a substitute for a real cuppa, slice of cake and a chat with a pal, so to this end we are also working hard to help reduce social isolation in local communities across Scotland. The more connections we can help create, both online and offline, the better life will be.

There are plenty ways to get involved in MyFriends Online Week. If you want to organise a formal event there is a lot of supporting material available, or if you just want to sit down with a friend or family member for an hour and show them the ropes of the web in an informal setting, that’s fantastic too.

Myfriends Online Week is a UK-wide campaign managed and delivered by Age UK in partnership with Age Scotland, Age Cymru and Age NI.

2 thoughts on “Find out more about the social side of the web

  1. Why waste our time. I forwarded this blog to a lot of friends and then found out that the only event for New post] Find out more about the social side of the web, was being held in Edinburgh. The other nearest points to Scotland was Darlington. If Scotland can’t do it then join forces with Age/UK.

    • Hi Brian, thanks for your comment. MyFriends Online Week is an Age UK initiative supported by Age Scotland – the charity doesn’t run it ourselves but instead we support the campaign.

      Sorry to hear you could only find events in Edinburgh. I’ve just checked the event finder and there are events running in Tranent only – I believe this may be an error as there is definitely more than one running in Scotland this week! I will investigate this as I believe there may be an issue with the event finder. Many thanks for highlighting this!

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