Let’s Talk Money campaign launches

Let's Talk Money in partnership with AgeUK

This week, Age Scotland is launching a new campaign called Let’s Talk Money. The campaign, in partnership with sister charity Age UK, aims to get more older people up to speed with their finances.

Are you entitled to more money? Up to £5 billion of means tested benefits go unclaimed by older people in the UK each year. We aim to help older people get more money in their pocket by ensuring they are claiming everything they are entitled to. You can use the new benefits calculator on our website if you want to work out what you might be entitled to claim.

The Age Scotland Helpline can give you information about benefits and can refer older people to the Pension Service for help advice and help with benefit claims. They can also find you details of your local advice agency if you want independent advice about benefits. The Helpline’s number is 0845 125 9732.

Do you need more information on finances and money? We have a number of useful guides in partnership with Age UK, such as More Money In Your Pocket and Claiming Benefits: A Guide For People of Working Age to help you get the most out of your precious pennies. You can also phone the Age Scotland Helpline to request copies of a range of fact sheets and information guides and we will post them out to you.

In today’s age of austerity there’s no argument that money needs to work hard, yet too many older people cannot find suitable financial products like travel, home or car insurance because the market is prejudiced against age. Our social enterprise, Age Scotland Enterprises, has a range of financial products specifically designed for those over 50.

Of course, the costs of everyday items are also climbing. The Age Scotland charity shops have some great bargains that can really make a difference to household budgets and over the next few months we will also have some YouTube tips on how to get the most out of your money for everyday shopping.

Lastly, we will be writing about finances on the Age Scotland Blog. Using the handy tag “money“, you can easily see at a glance what information and blog posts are available.

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