Weekly news round up – 4 May 2012



  • Half of all Scottish care home residents suffer from dementia – Deadline News
  • Care worker sacked after feeding dog biscuit to dementia patient – Daily Record
  • Give cheap smartphones to patients in rural areas for better care – BBC Scotland


  • Probe into NHS waiting time practices – BBC Scotland
  • Exercise and computer games reduce memory problems – Telegraph
  • Healthy body, healthy mind, study confirms – Age Scotland
  • It’s never too late to reap the benefits of yoga – Guardian
  • Chicken, fish and nuts could help beat Alzheimer’s – Daily Express

Something for the weekend

  • How a granny army is helping kids in India via Skype – BBC News
  • UK’s oldest graduate is 90 years old – Independent
  • Call for volunteers to join the Age Scotland Helpline – Age Scotland


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