Northern Lights: A film about Scotland made by you

This guest post is by Kirsten MacLeod from Northern Lights, a creative project that intends to capture Scotland through the medium of film as part of the Year of Creative Scotland 2012

We are Northern Lights

As part of the Year Of Creative Scotland 2012 we are asking members of the public and people of all ages to collaborate with us in the creation of a unique feature-length documentary film.

We want you to take out your cameras and record your own personal videos about Scotland’s past, present and future. You could tell us a story, take us to your dancing group, or show us your favourite sights in Scotland. Telling us your stories might win you an award too – the Best Memory award is worth £750!

Whatever you’d like to share with us, we have three questions to get you started:

  1. What can you see?
  2. What do you wish you had seen?
  3. What would you like to see?

We would especially love to hear about your stories of Scotland’s past, or your past in Scotland. Don’t be afraid to be wistful – that’s what the question of “What do you wish you had seen?” is all about.

Whether you have a secret passion for video making or you’ve never picked up a camera, we know that you can tell us your unique story or show us a Scotland we have never seen before. Take a look at the video below of the Govan Seniors Film Group to give you some ideas.


Anyone can get involved and we’re not looking for finished films. Do you have a grandchild, godson, neighbour or carer with a mobile phone? Maybe they can help you to film and submit your short clip.

If you are looking for additional group support, there are workshops taking place all over Scotland to help you get started.

Do you have a local group who can support you with creative projects? If so you can ask them to get in touch with us at and we can help them to set up a workshop and teach you how to turn your bright ideas into sparkling video submissions.

The Northern Lights project is open for submissions until 21 June 2012. You can submit as many video contributions as you like and there are awards, including the Best Memory Award, available for the best contributions.

After 21 June, we will then gather together all this footage and edit it into a unique, first in a lifetime, vision of Scotland in the year 2012.

Fancy getting involved? Visit us at to tell us your story.

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