Around the world with Inverclyde Globetrotters

The Inverclyde Globetrotters gang at the Waterfront

Meet the Inverclyde Globetrotters gang

An intrepid group from Greenock are looking for your help to walk back from the moon!

The Inverclyde Globetrotters, who exercise each week at Inverclyde Leisure’s Waterfront Leisure Complex, have walked over 64,000 miles during the past 4 years by tackling virtual walks all round the world.

Their adventure started in February 2008 when the class members were asked if they fancied walking round the world.  Once they had stopped laughing at the very idea of it they agreed to have a go.

So what’s their approach?  It’s very simple.  It’s not new.  And it’s proved to be fun.  All you need is a pedometer.  Each week pedometers are handed over and steps recorded along with the distances walked, cycled and rowed during the class and their progress plotted on a map of their route.

The Forbidden City in Beijing © Grace Yang

The Inverclyde Globetrotters have made it to Beijing and back. Image © Grace Yang

In May 2010, after 117 weeks on the road, having made it to Beijing in time for the 2008 Olympics, the Inverclyde Globetrotters arrived back in Greenock having clocked up 30,688 miles.  Since then they have walked:

  • Along America’s Route 66;
  • Round Italy;
  • To all the capital cities in Europe;
  • To the 4 Parliaments and Assemblies in the UK; and
  • Across Canada.

For their latest epic journey they are following Ewan McGregor’s Long Way Down route from John O’Groats to Cape Town – 15,000 miles this time.

They’ve made lots of friends along the way who have encouraged, supported and inspired them to keep going.

Moon © Carlos Rosemberg

The group and their supporters visited the moon, without any pesky space suits… Image © Carlos Rosemberg

With help from Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland’s other affiliated groups from Orkney to Dumfries and a number of local groups, the Inverclyde Globetrotters “landed” on the Moon in January after a Lunar Trek of 238,857 miles.  Now they are walking the long haul back to Earth and sunny Greenock – another 238,857 miles.

Duncan Galbraith from the Inverclyde Globetrotters said “Without the help of Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland we would never have reached the Moon.  It’s a long walk back and we are hoping that we will now find others will step up to the challenge of helping us get back home. We’ll be very glad of the company and the extra pairs of feet.”

It’s lonely out in space so if there are any aspiring Lunar Trekkers out there who would like to climb on-board and help the Inverclyde Globetrotters on their return leg please get in touch with Duncan Galbraith on 0775 750 1203 or email to  for more information.

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