Celebrating community with The Big Lunch Scotland

Age Scotland is supporting The Big Lunch Scotland, a great initiative from The Eden Project to help get local communities talking.

On the 3rd June 2012, people from all over Scotland will share lunch, conversation and some valuable time together.


Whether to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, enjoy a good old natter or get to know neighbours, it’s a great idea to help end isolation in local communities, foster friendships and make connections.

Age Scotland is also focusing on ending isolation through a range of initiatives and campaigns. From highlighting good urban design, to ensuring older people in local communities have access to amenities, to campaigning on community transport and asking people to spend time with friends and family, the charity wants to help create positive social connections for people in Scotland.

Social isolation and loneliness is something experienced by too many older people, with around 15% of those aged 70 and over seeing friends or family less than once a week in Scotland. Events like The Big Lunch and other community initiatives can help to reverse these statistics and build long-lasting friendships. Let’s help make this happen.

It’s not too late to host a Big Lunch of your own. You can get some tips from the organisers here.

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