Weekly news round up – 1 June 2012


  • Seaweed pill could help beat arthritis – Express


  • A quarter of grandparents financially support their grandchildren – Telegraph
  • Only one in three pensioners will stop working at retirement age – Telegraph
  • Energy bills unaffordable by 2015 – Age Scotland
  • Poorest to switch heating off if bills keep rising – MoneySavingExpert
  • Free banking “a dangerous myth” – BBC Business


  • UK elderly are among worst off in Europe – Scotsman
  • Can technology help us support the ageing population? – Guardian
  • Sturgeon meets “dementia widow” – BBC Scotland


  • Comment on the organisation of housing adaptations – Age Scotland


  • Help urged for people without internet – Age UK

Something for the weekend

  • The oldest marathon runner at the Edinburgh Marathon Festival – BBC Scotland
  • I graduated at 90; you’re never too old to learn – Guardian

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