Relationships Scotland: why grandparents are grand

This guest post is by Relationships Scotland. The charity has come together with Parenting Across Scotland and film-maker Martin Smith to produce four short films giving grandparents a voice to express what’s important to them. 

Granddad with grandson

We want to promote the importance of positive grandparental involvement to the well-being of all generations within families and spark conversation around what support is available for grandparent kinship carers and grandparents denied contact with their grandchildren.

We know grandparents can provide crucial emotional and practical support for their whole family, particularly during difficult times such as financial hardship or family separation. An estimated 1 million children in the UK are unable to see their grandparents because of family separation (Grandparents Plus).

Working with grandparent kinship carers, we understand the huge life changes that can come with this role. These grandparents can experience a number of practical and emotional challenges as a direct result of their caring role but often feel that this is overlooked. Watch the video below to get an idea of what kinship caring involves:


Our films look at some of the challenges faced by grandparents and their families but also celebrate the contribution that grandparents make to family life and the sense of well being this role can bring.

As part of our work in supporting intergenerational kin relationships we would like to have a day celebrating grandparents on Twitter. On the 13th of June we will be tweeting using the hashtag #theyregrand. We would love it if you would join in our celebration by:

  1. Sharing a memory of their grandparents
  2. Tweeting about what influence their grandparents had on them
  3. Tweeting about what it’s like to be a grandparent.

In our experience of supporting grandparents we often hear that grandparents do not feel adequately represented within our society. The families that participated in our filming not only wished to speak out for their own families, but also for those grandparents who don’t feel able to.

Watch the video of Dorothy and John talking about losing touch with their grandchild:


We hope that their films will be widely shared and help contribute to a better understanding of grandparents roles and increased support when needed.

Do you have any stories or thoughts about grandparents that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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