World Congress on Active Ageing: It’s the final countdown

Age Scotland Communication and Campaigns Officer Doug Anthoney previews some highlights from the World Congress on Active Ageing 14-17 August.

Aqua Aerobics

About the only thing you won’t find at the World Congress on Active Ageing is a swimming pool!

The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in London included a touching moment when Great Britain’s Olympic legends handed over the torch – quite literally – to the next generation of athletes.  In just over a week’s time, the focus will return to the older generation with the start of the 8th World Congress on Active Ageing in Glasgow.

The combined brainpower of keynote speakers is truly impressive; including Dr Stuart Smith and Professor Neville Owen from Australia, Professor Waneen Spirduso and Dr Jennifer Etnier from the USA, and Glasgow’s very own Professor Dawn Skelton.  The lecture programme will, on successive days, explore the big questions and issues around activity and ageing, including: are there links between physical fitness and a healthy brain, is fear of falling a good reason not to keep active, can people with conditions such as Parkinsons or Stroke benefit from exercise, and what does ‘sitting down’ do to our bodies

But if the science bit isn’t your thing, there’s; juggling, singing, drumming, cookery, movement play, games and competitions, Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Zumba, dance, MOTs for the brain and body, cinema, art, walking, history, gardening, and bags of motivation.

For the first time ever, the Congress has thrown its doors wide open to the public by introducing a Seniors’ and Carers’ Pass.  Costing £8, it covers admission to one day of the Congress with refreshments included.  Students and graduates from Glasgow Caledonian University will be on hand to mentor and support anyone who wants help getting around the activities throughout the day, with a number of of them trained in assisted walking, including for the sight impaired.

It’s great to have the Congress in Scotland – an event of global significance that builds our planet’s collective store of knowledge and wisdom on what may be the biggest question we face: how do we age well? Age Scotland is proud to sponsor it and will be at the Congress for its duration.  We look forward to seeing you there.

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