Open the diary, flick to October

Full programme listings for Luminate; Scotland’s new national festival of creativity, arts and ageing, are now available online. Age Scotland’s Doug Anthoney offers some teasers. 

Can you be too old to rock’n’roll? Not according Riskiryhmä, a rock band from Finland, whose 6 members, all women aged over 70, will be raising the roof at Livingston’s Howden Park Centre on 22nd October with classic rock music from the 60s and 70s. And not according to Drake Music Scotland, which earlier that day will run a ‘learn to play keyboards, guitars and drums’ session for the over 60s and introduce their ‘Rhythm of Life’ project.

That there’s no age limit to singing will be ably proven by 90 year old former actor and speech therapist Mary MacAlpine. She will be sharing a lifelong passion for the power of speech by offering a vocal coaching class at Eden Court Theatre in Inverness on 7th October.

During September and October the National Theatre of Scotland will be staging The Guid Sisters, a “rich, raucous and gritty” version of Michel Tremblay’s play. During the play’s run, and as part of Luminate, they’ll trial a new initiative called Theatre Company, designed to support older people who are interested in going to the theatre more often.

Actor Edith MacArthur’s will also be taking a star turn in a reading of Sylvia’s Dow’s poignant radio drama ‘It’s Only Words’ at Perth Theatre.

You can find out more about these events, and around 200 others taking place across Scotland this October, at the Luminate website.  What will you do?

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