Weekly news round up – 28th September 2012


  • Act to prevent oil storage tank disaster says Charity – Age Scotland
  • ‘Window of wealth’ for adults comes in their 50s – Scotsman
  • Parents’ pensions could guarantee mortgages – Money Saving Expert
  • Help change supermarket pricing law – Age Scotland

Health and care

  • Benzos increase dementia risk in over-65s – Scotsman
  • Hope for new anti-ageing drugs as scientists find way to reverse muscle wastage in later life – Daily Mail

Politics and society

  • Universal benefits shake-up ‘would redistribute money to poor’ – Labour – Scotsman
  • State pension bill to double to £120bn in just 20 years as baby boomers reach retirement – Daily Mail

Something for the weekend

  • Beer could help keep you strong in old age… but you’d need to drink at least 83 litres A DAY – Daily Mail

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