Weekly news round up – 26th October 2012


  • Aged over 50? The downturn probably cost you £60,000! – Daily Mail
  • Millions must work forever – Daily Express
  • Working into their 70s, the one in four women who don’t have pensions, and can’t afford to retire- Daily Mail

Health and care

  • Exercising in your 70s ‘may stop brain shrinkage’ – BBC
  • Hearing the voices of Scotland’s carers – Third Force News

Politics and society

  • Work for Charity or lose your pension – Mirror
  • Winterbourne View: Care workers jailed for abuse – BBC

Something for the weekend

  • Perth Scooter Gran T-shirts wheeled out to aid charity- Courier
  • Lance Armstrong memoir ‘fiction’ joke by charity shop goes viral – STV

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