Age Scotland Awards 2012 – the Winners!

Once all the formalities were over at yesterday’s AGM, Edinburgh’s Depute Lord Provost, Elaine Aitken presented the Age Scotland awards to some very worthy winners.

Age Scotland Awards 2012

Age Scotland Awards 2012

The day had started well in very grand rooms at Edinburgh City Chambers with a huge pile of sandwiches, entertaining chat and art browsing courtesy of Art In Healthcare  who recently received an Age Scotland grant. They create stimulating environments that positively affects one’s mental wellbeing and contributes to an effective healing process and brought some of their paintings along.

Now we were getting to the most exciting part of the day .. the Awards Ceremony!! Our CEO Brian Sloan introduced them, telling us more about Jess Barrow and Patrick Brooks who the Awards have been named for.

The quality of the applications we had for the Awards this year was extremely high  and as a result we decided to share both the Jess Barrow and Patrick Brooks awards across two applicants.

Winners of the Jess Barrow award for campaigning

Woodlands Senior Club

Averil Clayton, Woodlands Senior Citizen’s Club

Members of the Woodlands Senior Citizen’s Club worked with and lobbied local councillors to keep to Woodlands Centre open. The Centre has 180 members and is open Monday to Friday every week and has various activities available to improve the health and well-being of older people in the local community.

The consequence is that they can improve the facilities for the benefit of all older people in the community and the current services they provide such as keep fit, craft, bowling, bingo, dancing and crochet classes.

Mrs I J Miller

After 4 years of suffering from Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR) Scotland and Giant Cell

Jean Miller, PMR-GCA

Jean Miller, PMR-GCA

Arteritis (GCA) and searching unsuccessfully on the web and elsewhere for help, support and information, Mrs Miller set up Tayside PMR and GCA Support (now PMR-GCA Scotland) with charity status and funding from Awards for All.  With this she opened an office, developed a website and set up a Dundee Support Group.

She has provided support to sufferers across the UK and even further afield, through a Telephone Help Line, information packs, regular newsletters and a website. With the creation of a sister charity in England and Wales, which Mrs Miller helped set up, this charity is now able to focus solely on Scottish needs and already supports more than 250 people.

Winners of the Patrick Brooks award for Partnership Working

North Coast Connection and Transport for Tongue

Mary Martin and Sarah Beveridge, North Coast Connection and Transport for Tongue

North Coast Connection has three part time staff run a lunch club for older people. When the Highland council decided to withdraw the transport service the groups established a partnership process which created an affordable, accessible and sustainable transport service to allow access to a local day care centre for all those who wished to attend.

The lunch club is almost full the three days a week it is open. Most clients use Transport for Tongue to get to the centre and in September they benefitted from 197 volunteer hours and travelled 882 miles to take clients to the centre.

Angus Care and Repair
Angus Care and Repairassist older and disabled people live safely and independently at

Judith Leslie, Angus Care and Repair

Judith Leslie, Angus Care and Repair

home principally through the fitting of aids and adaptation but they have entered into a number of different partnerships to help older people live in their home. These include

  • With Tayside Police  to promote safe and security in the home
  • With Tayside Fire and Rescue  to help avoid fires in the home
  • With Trading Standards and Neighbourhood Watch to reduce doorstep crime and cold calling
  • With the NHS to highlight the danger of falls in the home and take action to prevent them. In particular they created a theatrical production to highlight falls awareness and home safety and arranged for it to be staged in a local theatre, where 200 people attended.

Keep your eyes and ears open for next year’s nominees – if you know of an exceptional person or organisation, let us know about them when the Age Scotland Awards for 2013 are announced next Spring. You can see more photos from the event here.

You can also take a look at our Annual Review or snapshot..

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