Bring Back the Liberty Bodice

Guest blogger Pat Craig is keeping warm the old fashioned way this winter.

Jack Frost

You don’t get many windows like this these days!

Remember when you checked for Jack Frost on the inside of your bedroom window. When everyone shouted, “Shut the door!” as someone left the living room for the Siberian closet that was the toilet (inside or out) or when you all huddled around the oven for heat in the morning as the fire had died during the night.

Life before central heating, insulation and double- glazing. No one wants to turn back time but were there lessons learned then which might keep you warmer now and reduce your heating costs.

Start with scarves. One wrapped around your throat will keep your body heat up and your heating bills down particularly if it’s made from natural fabrics like wool, silk or cashmere. Oh, I can hear you shouting, “What about the cost!” Sure, the initial outlay is more expensive, but think  of it as an investment. Your natural fabric jumper or scarf will still look good after years of use long after you’ve given up on its acrylic counterpart. I’m still wearing a scarf which is 50 years old and my cashmere hoodie, a mere youngster at 12, is now more darned than I thought possible but still warm and I’m sure responsible for my low heating bills.

Wool is popular again. This years trend is Fair Isle, no longer scratchy to wear and can be machine washed without shrinking. Merino tights are easily got and much warmer than opaques.

Get bargains online, at Charity Shops and dare I say it as Christmas presents. Even a thin silk scarf, which costs less than a fiver, wrapped around your neck several times will both heat you up and make you look fashionable and the trend is unisex.

Fashion goes in circles. Years ago, my mother was embarrassed that her father, a farmer, wore fingerless gloves. Now renamed wrist warmers, they are on trend and terrific for keeping you cosy especially if you’re gardening, typing or simply twiddling your thumbs!
Layering keeps you warm, which brings me back to Liberty Bodices. A tight, brushed cotton corset worn by boys and girls in the 40s and 50s. Whoever named it liberty had to be kidding. It was a monstrosity but warm. It actually originated in Germany where it was called the Leibchen (little love). The Germans are still experts at keeping warm and if you visit your local German supermarket, you’ll find bargains in Thermal wear, which will keep your heating bills down.

Just remember to shut the door as you go out!

2 thoughts on “Bring Back the Liberty Bodice

  1. this is nothing to do with the article but please pass this on to anyone who reads your posts

    i am an older lady – i got an email fromn Virgin saying my bill was ready

    i don’t have Virgin but was concerned someone had used my credit card

    i phoned and was kept on for 10 minutes while this was checked

    no explanation was given but she said she had noted i was not a customer

    could not explain how they had my email address

    i now realise this is a ploy by some companies as i have received further emails like this

    don’t know who to complain to but just want to warn older people especially who can find this worrying

    doreen barr

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