New Year, new challenges

With the year still young, the Age Scotland Communications team looks forward to what is likely to be an eventful 2013.


Happy New Year!

With batteries recharged, the Age Scotland Communications team is back and gearing up to meet the challenges that the coming months are likely to bring. Of course, we can’t predict all of these, however we can share some of the things that are getting us excited, and a few that are likely to test us.

So far the winter has been comparatively mild, but as there’s time yet for a cold snap we’re still recruiting for our Winter Weather Watch – a network of ‘eyes and ears’ across the country keeping an eye on how well our Council’s meet the needs of vulnerable older people should temperatures plunge. Thanks to additional funding from the Scottish Government we’ve been able to print another run of our Hot Tips Calendar.  So if you or an older person you know of could benefit from advice on keeping warm, safe and comfortable in winter, please get in touch.

The Coalition Government’s welfare reform plans are likely to have a big impact on many older people, so we’ll be working with our colleagues on the Age Scotland Helpline to raise awareness of this change and encouraging people to maximize their income under the new system.

We’re also planning campaign action to improve the concessionary travel scheme, calling for an extension of the bus pass scheme to include community transport services. The bus pass has been great for older people, but those who find that commercial bus services don’t meet their needs can become isolated.

Santa arrived early for us, with pre-Christmas delivery of video filming and editing equipment funded by our partner Age UK (many thanks!). After some training and a little practice, we’re planning to increase substantially our use of online video; enabling us to better communicate news and information, and to present older people’s real life stories in a more powerful way.

We’ve also brought forward by a month the schedule for our quarterly magazine, Advantage, to fit better with key dates for some of our big initiatives including the Luminate Festival and Hot Tips Calendar. If you haven’t seen Advantage yet, why not check it out in its new digital format.




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