Who ya gonna call?

Guest blogger Pat Craig was impressed when her local Care and Repair Service came to the rescue.

??????My bathroom light ticks all the style boxes. Unfortunately, it’s unreliable; the bulbs constantly blow, leaving me festooning the bathroom with candles – a definite fire hazard – or bathing with the door open to get light from the hall; an option which has never seemed attractive since I saw that shower scene in Psycho.

Even the most obliging neighbour’s or friend’s patience will run out if you ask for help too often and family, if you have any, often have other demands on their time. Then there’s the question of insurance. Falling off a ladder in your own home is one thing, somebody else doing it in your home is a different matter altogether. Like many my ladder climbing days are over, whether insured or not.

Forget the ads in your local paper for odd job men offering a ‘no job too small’ service. I have yet to find one who does what it says on the tin and it can be risky inviting unknown people into your home! There are many unscrupulous people around who have no conscience about taking advantage of older people.

Care and Repair services, available throughout Scotland, provide a wide range of practical services and advice to assist older, disabled or vulnerable home owners to live in their own homes in more comfort, security, and with greater independence for as long as possible. From voluntary Handypersons who will do the smallest of jobs for only the cost of the materials used, to small repairs where the work is carried out by a Tradesperson for a low fee plus materials, to advising on home improvements and a Trade Referral Service for bigger jobs. All personnel involved are insured and Disclosure checked so you need have no worries about security or accidents.

Providing these services relies on adequate funding, donations and willing volunteers.
They are of course always looking for all three!

Visit www.careandrepairscotland.co.uk for details of services in your area.

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