Final Fling

Few of us get married, have children baptised, take a holiday break or move house without planning. Yet the most significant event of our life and the only one that we will all experience is often the least well planned.

Funeral Plan

Increasingly people are seeking individuality in their funeral

With talk of ‘bucket lists’ i.e. all the things you want to do before you die increasingly banded about, it seems incongruous that so few of us take the next step. Organising our final farewell.

Could it be that we don’t know where to start?

Increasingly people are seeking individuality in their funeral. They want a coffin made of sustainable materials in a form that reflects their personality, flowers that they love rather than extravagant formal wreaths and music that is the signature tune to their life. Often, because a grieving family arranges funerals at the last minute, they get exactly the opposite.

Now there is an alternative. Founded by Barbara Chalmers in 2012, Final Fling is the UK’s first website for end of life planning.

It has been named Best New Website, 5 star rated by Web User Magazine. It holds the Good Funeral Guide industry award for Most Outstanding Contribution to the Understanding of Death in the Media. Their aim is to revolutionise how we do death; create informed ‘consumers, find creative ways of meeting our mortality. The website is designed to help people talk, share, ask questions, demand services, say ‘no’, record their own life and death decisions.

It’s all about tackling the taboo and providing the information and tools to make plans and good decisions. Bringing life to death.

Barbara Chalmers says:
“We do spirited, pragmatic, bold. We don’t do mawkish, macabre or maudlin.”

Giving access to suppliers of music, transport, coffins, urns, flowers etc. the site is comprehensive and easily navigated. In addition to services offered there are also sections on how to talk about death, advice for coping with grief and legal matters etc.

With one in four of us facing an unpredictable death maybe we all need to set aside time to ensure we get the send off we want.

The Age UK Guaranteed Funeral Plan takes care of funeral costs and arrangements in advance and is easy to understand and to arrange.

Preparing now means you can pay ahead with pre paid funeral plans and you beat inflation by freezing funeral costs at today’s prices.  Age Scotland always suggest that people shop around for the best deal.

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