Get set for winter

Being prepared for winter will make it far easier to deal with extreme weather. Here are some essentials to make sure you’re ready when the weather takes a turn for the worse!

Woman with thermostat

Emergency contact arrangements

Make agreements with family and friends and identify meeting places.

Important local phone numbers

Note your doctor’s number, that of the local the police station and any others you may need.


Find out if any neighbours might need your help – or if they can be of any help to you!

Emergency kit bag

Make sure you have yours prepared!

Useful information

Keep a note of your gas, electricity and telephone suppliers, and your insurance company.


Make a note of your prescription medication and restock your medicine cabinet.  Find out when your local GP surgery and pharmacy will close over the festive holiday period and make sure you are prepared for this.

Food and drink

Stock up your store cupboard and freezer with soup, dried foods and also some food that you can eat even if there is a power cut. Keep a supply of bottled water and long-life snacks, and don’t forget some high energy sweets or drinks too!


Make sure you know where your water stop cock is and where to switch off your gas and electricity supplies.


Ensure you have adequate buildings and contents insurance and find out whether your policies cover you for risks such as flood or storm damage and the costs of temporary accommodation if your home becomes uninhabitable.

Frozen pipes

If cold weather is forecast, it is best to keep the heating on overnight at a low temperature so the pipes won’t freeze – simply turn your thermostat down to 15°C.

Local information

Find out what services in your area provide advance warning of severe weather and updates during storms and flooding. These include local radio stations, Met Office UK Severe Weather Warnings and SEPA Flood Warnings.

The Scottish Government’s website has loads of information and  advice on planning for emergencies.

This information is from our 2013 Hot Tips calendar.  To request a copy of the 2014 calendar please email us.

4 thoughts on “Get set for winter

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  2. I am surprised that you have not included information here, as far as I can see, of the Scottish Government’s ,Green Homes Cashback Scheme where for example £300 cash is available for replacing light bulbs to reduce our energy bills and CO2 emissions. We had all our bulbs replaced last week and are delighted with the assistance given.

      • Thank you for your reply and we shall look forward to receiving the 2014 calendar.
        Perhaps the information mentioned however,should be publicised earlier than next August as energy prices have already increased and the deal has been in existence since last March as we understand. Today at our Monday Keep Fit class we made the members aware of the green scheme and, guess what, not a single person in a class of 50 was aware of it. Those who noted the details thought that they had to be on benefits to qualify for any of the deals. This seems to be a common misconception which could easily be clarified in your newsletters. The cold weather is already here and we don’t know how long the deals will last.

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