Back to the 80’s – golf style

A group of intrepid time travelling golfers are holding a Charity Golf Day in support Age Scotland.  Participants must use clubs from at least 30 years ago and also dress the part in the finest 1980’s apparel.  They were put onto Age Scotland by Daniel’s Gran May Kinghorn who is the organiser of Age Scotland member group Duns Senior Citizens. Daniel tells us more

Vintage Golfing gear from Age Scotland's Charity shops

Vintage Golfing gear from Age Scotland’s Charity shops

With less than a month to our event starting, the boys have now all got their sponsor forms and are pinning down family and friends for donations to help support our event and raise as much money as possible.

We have all now rummaged through parents and grandparents garages and wardrobes to find Pre-1980’s equipment and clothing, with lots of Plus4s and Pringle Diamond Jumper lined up to wear on the day.

We still have couple of spaces if anyone is interested in joining us in our old school clothing and wooden clubs on the 5th of April.

Some of the boys have already been out to try there old clubs at the driving range and early reports suggest there could be some fun and games on the day with Pogo Patterson struggling to find the sweet-spot of modern clubs let along wooden headed ones.

More Golf bargains from Age Scotland Charity Shops

More Golf bargains from Age Scotland Charity Shops

If you fancy throwing them a few pound notes and 1/2p pieces, you can support them and Age Scotland here. We look forward to hearing more about and seeing the pictures afterwards….

Find Age Scotland charity shops here.

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