Portraits of working in later life

Photographer Rick Booth is compiling a series of photographic portraits of people working into later life, and he’s looking for willing subjects.

A sample of Rick's work.

A sample of Rick’s work.

Are you over 65 and still in full time work? Would you like to help spark a bit of debate and awareness of workers who are still going strong past the traditional age of retirement?

I’m collecting a series of portraits and interviews which I hope to publish on my own website and in weekend magazines, and to exhibit publicly.

I want to challenge some stereotypes society has of older people, I’d like to hear your views on why you’re still working – do you have to? Is your pension enough to live on? Are you supporting dependents? Or do you just love your work and it’s social side? What about tax, do you feel older workers could do with a break? Do you feel valued by your co-workers for your contribution?

I’m using a camera born in 1955 – it has a few scuffs around the edges, creaks a bit in the cold but works great and gets the job done very reliably! I’m looking for people with a few of the same qualities!

Please get in touch if you’d like to be part of this project, by email to mail@docubooth.com or by phoning me on 07960 747 173.

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