Shoe Project 276.

Off topic a from our normal blog posts, but we are very proud of our Age Scotland shop in Dumfries who were asked to participate in a touching and poignant piece of flash art in tribute to the kidnapped Nigerian girls.  Our Shop Manager Claire Neilson tells us why.. 

By now I’m sure everyone is familiar with the awful kidnapping of the Nigerian girls as they prepared for their physics exam almost a month ago now.

As a female who studied physics at school and university I felt particularly connected to these girls – I feel that the difference between them and me is that I am fortunate enough to live in a country where education is the standard for all young people whereas they are not, proven by this awful event.

This is the reason I was so keen to help out when Moxie approached me in the shop to borrow some shoes for her demonstration. Anything we can do to raise awareness of this must be done to help ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ and to raise awareness of this issue in the future.

The Shoe Project
More about education in Nigeria

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