C’mon the Broxie Ladies

On Sunday 22 June some of our wonderful staff and volunteers from our Broxburn shop will be taking part in the Challenge Scotland event. Our Broxie Ladies tell us more:

Sharon and Sophie

Sharon – I had always wanted to do a charity walk/run. I initially wanted to do the 10k walk, but my daughter expressed an interest and as she has just turned 7 in May, I felt 10k was too much for her so we agreed on doing 5k. We are both getting so much out of it. Spending time together, getting fit and raising money for a fantastic charity. I also can’t wait to see the look of satisfaction on Sophie’s face at the end of the walk in having achieved this.

Sophie – I enjoying asking my friends and family to sponsor me. I like spending time with my mummy and going on all the nice walks. Even in the rain. I even got sparkly new trainers for it. I have been telling my class all about it and I find it a lot of fun and giving money to my mummy’s work.

Broxie Ladies

Broxie Ladies

Jodie and Denby

Jodie – I have always wanted to do a run for charity. When I first heard of Run for Scotland, I thought this would be a great opportunity to do a run for a charity I know and volunteer for. This was also a good time to get close to one of my friends from primary school who also volunteers in our shop. We have become closer through training together. It will also be a great achievement to have been be able to raise money for the Charity outside and inside the Age Scotland Broxburn shop.

Denby – As soon as I heard about this opportunity to run for my local charity shop I was eager to join. I was delighted when I found out that all of us who had entered had gained a place. Training began immediately and was very fun to begin with but now the hard stuff is happening. With the motivation from the amount of money raised and my good friend Jodie I’m sure I will complete the 5K run. C’mon Broxie ladies!

They are raising money to help Age Scotland inspire, enable and support older people to help people make the most of later life. You can sponsor our Broxie Ladies here.

You can also keep up with their training on Facebook.

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