Hospital to Home

Supporting the transition from hospital to home for older people across Scotland

This latest Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (IRISS) project is concerned with the design of a positive pathway to improve the transition of older people from hospital to home. The project is exploring the process of achieving a smooth transition for older people and how this can be improved using a person-centred approach that focuses upon improving older people’s journeys back home following a hospital admission.

Hospital to HomeThis involves taking a co-production approach, ensuring older people and their families are engaged with health and social care practitioners through on-going group discussion and input. This will enable all key stakeholders’ voices to be heard throughout the process.

The project is taking place over the course of 20 months (July 2013 – March 2015). Stage 1 has recently finished and you can see the outputs here:

1. Connect: providing creative, open spaces for people to come together from diverse backgrounds to look differently at challenges facing the sector.

  • An Advisory Group was established to include expert practitioners and professionals across Scotland.
  • A working group of older people (and their families or carers) has also been established. We are running eight Workshops with them to share their personal perspectives and experiences of the current pathway in their area (Stage 2). In addition, this group contains practitioners and professionals working on the ground in Tayside.

2. Inspire: finding, sharing and encouraging possible responses to issues facing social services by drawing on ideas and knowledge about what works elsewhere and testing new ideas ourselves.

  • The information generated through experts working on the ground and discussion within the Advisory Group has been extrapolated to generate a visual map of what pathways already look like in Scotland (see link above).

3. Inform: building evidence about innovation and creativity to improve the understanding and confidence of people in this sector.

  • The Advisory Group and Workshop discussions have been guided by design methodology in order to establish a creative, co-produced and person-centred approach that everyone can engage with comfortably.

4. Support: developing projects to test ideas practically and to contribute to our understanding about how innovation and improvement can be sustained and scaled.

  • Guided by the Advisory Group’s expertise, and the Stage 2 Workshops, an existing and proven service identified during the Connect and Inspire phases will be developed as a pilot study. The pilot study will be tested and evaluated within a Scottish health board over a two-month time frame.

Read the Hospital to Home blog to see find out more about the research process so far and find out more about whats next.. .

IRISS is currently seeking people who can help build an understanding of what is happening already in Scotland to improve older people’s experience, care and service provisions during their pathway from hospital to home.

If you are working in an existing pathway or helping to develop a new pathway and would like share your stories and experiences please get in touch for an opportunity to write a guest blog post or to have your story recorded for an IRISS FM show.

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