Your Home in the Summer – July’s Hot Tips

Our free calendar “Hot Tips” aims to ensure everyone in Scotland knows about the organisations and services available to them, and provides information on how to make the most of later life.

Our topic for July is looking after your home in the summer. Robert Thomson from Care and Repair Scotland gives us some tips about repairs that can prevent longer term problems with the property.


1. Think Ahead

Take advantage of the better weather and start preparing for autumn and winter. Consider carpet cleaning, gutter cleaning, window washing and have your central heating checked out.

2. Prevent water damage

Summer can bring heavy rain to some areas. Prevent water damage by having the roof, windows, gutters, foundations and doors checked. Anywhere there is a trim need to be inspected to make sure there are no cracks or leaks. Checking this early can save you a lot of money on repairs from damage in the future.

3. Freshen up paintwork

Summer is the best season for painting doors, windows  or fences. It can make your house look fresh and helps protect wood from rot.  Preventative touch up jobs can save you a lot of money you would have to spend on repairs later on.

4. Trim shrubbery and trees

Have trees and shrubs that touch your house cut back. Wind and rain can cause these to rub up against and damage the roof or sides of your home. The upkeep of gardens can be a problem for many people and in some areas there are volunteer groups who can assist with this.

5. Think about security and safety

Do you have door locks that jam? Do your windows open and close? The summer months are a good time to have these items fixed. Many local Fire and Rescue teams and Scottish Police services offer safety inspections and advice. You may find that your home is as safe and secure as you can make it but there is no harm in asking the advice of professionals.

6. Think about the future

Perhaps the summer months give an opportunity for us to reflect on whether we think our house will continue to be suitable for us. Maybe we could explore some options for the future.  Perhaps we could think of using some of the equity in the property to finance adaptations that will make life easier later on.

Care and Repair Scotland


Care and Repair has 35 offices throughout Scotland that can give you advice and assistance about maintaining, improving or adapting your home. For further information, contact: 0141 221 9879 or visit our website.

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