About Age Scotland

Age Scotland is the leading charity for all older people in Scotland.  We work to improve the lives of all people in later life. We celebrate ageing and believe it presents unprecedented opportunities and challenges at home and abroad. We challenge ageist prejudice throughout society.

About Us

We help people enjoy a better later life by providing vital support.

Our support for hundreds of groups provides practical services that helps older people stay independent at home and do what they love. We also work to tackle isolation and promote good health.

We develop products that are designed for people in later life.

Our social enterprise arm provides services that address market failures, and supports the public and private sectors in the design of age-friendly products and services. Our network of shops acts as a focal point for local communities, providing information and help with local and national issues and services.

We provide up to date information through our helpline, publications and online.

The Age Scotland Helpline offers support to on a wide range of issues – from claiming benefits or finding a tradesman to staying fit and healthy. Our quarterly magazine ‘Advantage’ provides information, education and entertainment for everyone in later life.

We work across Scotland championing older people’s rights and needs.

We campaign with, for and alongside older people for changes in legislation, policy and practice that will bring a better later life. We lobby at local, national and UK government level to bring about change where older people desire it.

Get involved with Age Scotland.

There are loads of ways you can help support the charity, from fundraising to volunteering to campaigning. Learn more about how you can make a positive difference to older people by visiting our website.

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