What will you do Afore Ye Go?

Whether you’re 55 or 95 it’s sensible to plan ahead for ill health in later life and – let’s pull no punches – for the end of life. But being sensible doesn’t make it easy to think, let alone talk about.Image

That’s why we’re going on the road to start the conversation, and to help you to put arrangements in place that will ensure your wishes are respected. In October we hosted an afternoon tea in Edinburgh that offered friendly, informal discussion over a cuppa with representatives of Age Scotland Enterprises, our Helpline service, a funeral director, and a lawyer.

There were some surprises. Now-a-days funeral directors will do everything legally possible to respect the family’s wishes, we heard. Every individual is different and every funeral can be; whether it involves a flock of doves or a jazz band!

It’s often assumed that funeral costs will be automatically covered by a life insurance policy, but we learned this isn’t necessarily so. And for the ninth year running the basic cost of arranging a funeral has increased. Age Scotland Enterprises is trying to help by offering a price freeze on Age UK Guaranteed Funeral Plans up to 30th November this year.

Our next Future Planning event, Afore Ye Go, takes place 9.30am to 3.30pm on Wednesday 24th October in St Ninian’s Church Hall, Castle Douglas, and you can book your free place by email. It’s not yet a grand tour, just a start! But we would love to hear from groups across Scotland who would be interested in helping us organise a local event. If you live in Edinburgh and Glasgow, we’re also holding Funeral Plans open weeks commencing 29th October and 5th November, so please pop into one of our Enterprises offices for a brew and a chat.

Doug Anthoney is Age Scotland’s Communication and Campaigns Officer.

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