Get your mind in gear to help diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease

older person chatting

A psychology researcher from the University of Edinburgh is looking for adults over the age of 60 to help with the future diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Julia Day, a student from the University’s Human Cognitive Neuroscience Department, is investigating cognitive and social functioning in healthy adults in order to determine selective impairments in Alzheimer’s Disease.

Her aim is that the research can contribute towards an earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, meaning that treatment can begin earlier.

Julia is asking for your help! If you are over 60 years old, have normal (or corrected-to-normal) vision and no hearing impairments then you can use your mind in the fight against Alzheimer’s by contributing to the project.

What is it?

The research involves taking part in a series of verbal and computer tasks that are not demanding, with no long-term negative effects. Some of the tasks require responding to Julia or to scenes on a laptop, hence the request that people have no hearing impairments.

Where is it?

The research  can be carried out anywhere that is a quiet and comfortable environment, and Julia is more than happy to meet wherever respondents would find it most convenient.

How long is it?

It takes just over an hour to participate in the research, but it’s worth leaving two hours in total so that rest breaks can be taken.

Okay, sign me up!

Want to participate? Get in touch with Julia on 07840 116 224 or drop her an email at and she will organise a time and date that is suitable for you.

10 thoughts on “Get your mind in gear to help diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease

    • Hi June, many thanks for your comments and for expressing interest in the project. We are sure that Julia would be able to visit your home, depending on how close you are to Edinburgh.

      Perhaps you can give her a ring or drop her an email? Her phone number is 07840 116224 and email is We have left her a message with your question but if you’d like to contact her yourself you’re more than welcome to.

      • Hello June, Julia here. Yes it can be done in your home! I can bring everything along with me. Whereabouts do you live? Thank you so much for your interest! Best Wishes.

  1. I am happy to help with this research if it enables early diagnosis and treatment of this awful illness.
    I turn 60 next week and do not live in Edinburgh, but wonder if I can participate remotely?

    • Hi Lyndsey, thanks very much for your comment. If you get in touch with Julia, who is running the study, perhaps you can chat through a way for you to participate?

      Julia’s phone number is 07840 116224 and email is – I’m sure she would be very pleased to hear from you!

      • Hiya Lyndsey, Julia here. Whereabouts do you live? I can bring everything along with me so if I can get there via public transport then I would love for you to participate! Thank you so much for your interest! Best Wishes.

    • Dear Violet, I’m sorry that my email didn’t work for you but thank you so much for your interest and I would love you to take part. When would be a best time for you? The psychology department at the University is available, otherwise I can get most places if it’s not suitable. Best wishes, Julia.

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